The NDA has an extensive range of packaging equipment: pallet wrappers, shrink wrappers, carton sealers,
taping machines, carton erectors, heat guns and heat sealers. 

  • Carton Sealer

    • Vast selection available 
    • Ideal for tape applications & hot melt glue  
    • Taping machine range begins with manually adjustable unit to suit carton size  
    • Progresses through to automatically adjustable units that fit carton size
  • Horizontal Wrapping Equipment

    • Stretch film application
    • Holds together and protects products (eg metal extrusions, wooden beams and
      bench tops etc)
  • Pallet Wrapping Machine

    • Wide range available for all industry sectors  
    • Small operation to high volume automated wrapping operations
  • Stretch Tape Machine

    • Stretchable tape (alternative to stretch film) 
    • Suitable for food products made warm and requiring cooling 
    • Exposed areas allow cold air to circulate throughout the product 
    • Unlike stretch film, cooling down process is optimised