Polythene Films

Low density polythene plastic can be used in a variety of forms to hold, protect and carry products. Utilised as bags carrying powder products and ingredients, and protective wraps preventing scuffing and weather threats, they can also stabilise products during transport.

  • Bin Liners and Carton Liner Bags

    • Sizes & thicknesses available  
    • Contains products in crates in manufacturing facilities  
    • Applicable to cartons as a liner for fruit & produce lines
  • Builders Film and Lay Flat Sheet

    • Widths, colours & thicknesses available 
    • Applicable polythene sheet for product wrap & protection  
    • Items can include timber packs & fabric rolls  
    • Usually black product used within the construction & agriculture industries  
    • Also used as liner under concrete
  • Carry Bags

    • Sizes and colours available
    • Applicable custom printing for logo & branding
  • Heat Shrink Bundle Film

    • Range of widths & thicknesses available  
    • Polythene sheet for product stabilisation  
    • Alternative to cardboard cartons  
    • Suitable for plastic water bottles & canned goods
  • Pallet Shrink Bags

    • Heat shrink pallet bags 
    • Stabilises palletised goods 
    • Bag size varieties available  
    • Range of sizes & thicknesses (75um & 200um)
  • Polythene Tubing

    Plastic sleeve for protection Heat Sealers also available

  • Top Cover Sheets

    Clear OR Black

    • Polythene plastic sheet 
    • Acts as a pallet cover to protect palletised load 
    • Protects goods from dust & moisture in storage & transit