Stretch Film

Stretch film is a unique high puncture and tear resistant polyethylene film used for many applications. It primarily stabilises and protects palletised products during storage and transportation. It can also protect and hold together products like extruded aluminium. 

  • Bundling Film

    Ideal for quick wrapping

    • Narrow band stretch film
    • Unitise multiple items
    • Suitable alternative to plastic strapping, tape & string 
  • Dispensers


    • Hand held
  • Hand Blown

    • Impact resistant
    • Superior load-holding capability
    • High levels of puncture & tear resistance
    • High cling levels
  • Hand Cast

    • Excellent load retaining capability
    • High film puncture & tear resistance
    • Single or two sided cling formulations
    • Thinner gauge films with significant performance advantages 
  • Machine Blown

    • Ideal for wrapping heavy & irregular shaped loads
    • Best puncture resistance
  • Machine Cast

    • Ultra high clarity
    • Lower noise when unwinding